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Global Shapers Yerevan Hub brings together active enthusiasts, passionate and optimistic young people, who are ready to devote their time and efforts, share professional expertise and leadership skills to reveal different issues existing in the social and economic life of our city, initiating innovative solutions and triggering positive changes both in Armenia and globally. 3 years of uncompromising commitment has shaped our achievements: 1. More than 15 outstanding young leaders from diverse professional areas, ranging from finance to education, from information technologies to arts and culture, from health to social policy, from business to design/communication committed to shaping a better future. 2. Raised almost 100,000 USD fully invested in community development projects. 3. Almost 20,000 hours invested in improving the state of the world and bringing positive change by creating social good. 4. With 0 amount of administrative budget and 0 amount of members’ remuneration. 5. More than 15 partners engaged from different industries. 6. About 10 sustainable projects implemented.

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19 members


Arthur Pokrikyan

Financial Education Expert

@ Central Bank of Armenia

Emil Abrahamyan

Consultant, Banking System Regulation Unit

Hovhannes Aghajanyan

Head of Digital and MFS

Narek Arakelian

Network Engineer

Armenuhi Arakelyan

Project Analyst

@ European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Tatevik Babayan

Promotion/Project Manager

Ani Davtyan

First Class Specialist at External Relations Division

Annman Kantsyan

Corporate Relations Manager

Gevorg Mantashyan

Development Strategy Expert

@ Center for Strategic Initiatives

Karine Minasyan

Project Coordinator

Sona Mirzoyan

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ SonaSola LLC

Inga Nazaryan

Mentorship Program Coordinator

Arpine Papyan

Digital Marketing Manager

Anna Vardanyants

Small and Medium Business Development manager

@ Microsoft Corp.

Rima Yeghiazarian

Content Manager

Eugenia Evoyan

Team Leader

Andranik Hovhannisyan

Hardware Engineer


Co-founder, Managing Partner

Armine Ter Hovsepyan

head of operational efficiency management

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