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Khobar Hub

The Khobar Hub is made up of exceptionally talented young leaders with diverse professional backgrounds and exceptional skills committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better future. While we have a unified mission for our Hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds representing fields such as cultural leaders, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, designers, and entrepreneurs. Together with our partners in Khobar we have launched several community initiatives including the recent Gifted Students initiative, where we found that our talented students and their parents needed guidance on how to help develop their abilities better and understand the resources within our beloved Kingdom. We were also proud of the outcome of the “You’re not alone” initiative, which addressed autism and opened dialogue for people to learn how can they help, and give a lending hands.Other projects we have worked on covered the issues that include health, education,empowering entrepreneurs and environment. Each initiative is close to our hearts, as it started by an observation for a need within our community, and a drive that inspired research and planning to work on a solution which not only highlights the possibilities, but inspire leading companies and organisations to adopt the sustainability of these initiatives.

20 members


Hamad AlShehab

Huda Albrahim

Omar AlBraik

Rawan Albutairi

Abdulrman Alhazmi

Salma Alheraiqi

Abeer Almoajil


Sajer Alshalan

Mohammed Alshuaibi

Saleh Al Shuwaier

Abdullah AlSulaim

Bader AlTuwayrish

Nada Bader

Jumana Baghabra

Muneera Bubshait

Tariq Buhilaigah

Hussah Albabtain

Nada Almohaisen

Founding Curator

Turki Al Theyeb

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