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Austin Hub

We are a young team of entrepreneurs, community leaders, artists, and industry professionals from Austin, Texas, who are part of the Global Shapers Community. We exist to amplify the voice of millennials, elevate conversations of equity and contribute to meaningful impact in our local Austin community by seeking best practices and support from the global network of hubs.

23 members


Kevin Chandra

Eiman Siddiqui

Founding Curator

James Bilodeau

Virginia Cumberbatch

Francisco Enriquez

Christa Freeland

Katherine Roseann Gurkin

Liv Hadden

Mina Hanna

Amy Holland

Madeline Krebs

Valerie Nelson Ray

Evelyn Ngugi

Lucy Nguyen

Kelly Pratt

Alexis J Taylor

Jessie Wang

Victoria Zuber

Zev Jonathan Bimstein

Riley Blanks

Maggie Engler

Ariel Goldberger

Miko Laforteza

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