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Dusseldorf Hub

Who are we?The Düsseldorf Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young people committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better future. We are a registered NGO Global Shapers Düsseldorf e.V. since 2021, advocating to create impact locally by working with our partners globally. We have launched several community projects on sustainability, raising mental health awareness for people suffering from Covid, empowering gender equality and promoting voting awareness among the young generation. 

Who can join?As part of the global network of over 14,000 Shapers in over 450 cities, we are looking for volunteers between the age of 18 to 27 years old. 

When can you join?We run our recruitment process once a year, typically in October / November. You are welcome to submit your applications by clicking the 'Apply' button below. We will process every applications submitted and inform you about your application status during our recruitment campagin.

30 members


Elisiane Kuss Lourenço

Joined 15 May 2020


Harshita Kaul

Joined 14 May 2021

Impact Officer

Büsra Bayzat

Joined 25 Jul 2021

Advisory Council

Dennis Wedderkop

Joined 30 Mar 2015

Community Champion

Simge Sandal

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Niklas Bongers

Joined 6 Aug 2021

Gershon Dagba

Joined 13 Mar 2019

Noah Dampmann

Joined 27 May 2022

Leticia Figueiredo

Joined 15 May 2022

Kamand Gharun

Joined 4 Mar 2019

Samrina Jafrin

Joined 7 May 2022

Jakob Jäger

Joined 26 Jul 2021

Ayda Kasiri

Joined 24 May 2019

Ching LeeWang

Joined 21 May 2015

Mavis Durowaa Mainu

Joined 6 Jul 2018

Sebastian Malinowski

Joined 16 Oct 2020

Kateryna Mishina

Joined 9 May 2022

John Morán

Joined 14 Oct 2021

My Nguyen

Joined 5 Nov 2020

Jamil Osso

Joined 27 Sep 2021

Anna Pankova

Joined 25 Jul 2021

Robin Paulus

Joined 5 Aug 2021

Chen Sii

Joined 6 Mar 2020

Thaksan Sothinathan

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Michael Spath

Joined 27 Jul 2021

Giovanni Superti-Furga

Joined 26 Jul 2021

Frederik Wangelik

Joined 11 Mar 2019

Simon Brandkamp

Joined 16 Sep 2022

Dennis Degbor

Joined 15 May 2022


Joined 9 May 2022

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