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The Düsseldorf Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young people committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better future. Together with our partners in Düsseldorf we have launched several community initiatives including projects on social inclusion through sport, access and experience of art for children or support of the integration of refugees in the labour market.

Besides that we are activly networking in the community through our so called Supper Club. Here we meet up local NGOs and other players in politics, economics and social life and learn about the real problems in our community.

The Düsseldorf hub also cares about networking and creating synergies with others hubs, especially in the German speaking region. To underline this we hosted the Shapers United meeting in fall 2017. Shapers United is an independent event organized bi-annualy by German speaking hubs. During this event we also established a so called "Shapethon": inspired from a hakathon, in this setting Shapers are set to find actual solutions and act on limited time in cooperation with local NGOs.

22 members


Mavis Durowaa Mainu

Joined 15 Jun 2020


Denisa Isufaj

Joined 3 Apr 2018

Impact Officer

Esther Dolas

Joined 6 Mar 2020

Dominik De Marco

Joined 7 Mar 2018

Aniruddha Dutta

Joined 28 Feb 2019

Kamand Gharun

Joined 4 Mar 2019

Katrin Heucher

Joined 30 Jul 2019

Ryan Holowka

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Vivek Jaisree Mohandas

Joined 19 Jul 2019

Anne Katrin Kaschadt

Joined 9 May 2017

Jaśmina Kasenko

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Tamara Koljozova

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Ching LeeWang

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Laura Lopez

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Simge Sandal

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Chen Sii

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Thaksan Sothinathan

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Siman Li

Joined 17 Jun 2020

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