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Luxembourg City Hub

The Luxemburg Hub is a diverse group of young international people with more than 9 different nationalities. The fields represented by the hub members are as diverse as the member's backgrounds ranging from filmmaking, education, law and e-commerce to finance, sports, commodities and confectionery. The mission of the hub is to launch projects that promote social transformation, both locally and on an international level.

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19 members


Giulia Bruni Roccia

Senior Consultant

@ Deloitte

Justus Bruns


Lorenzo Fabiano

Global Category Manager

Simone Furlani

Management Consultant

Diana Nilles

Film Director

Eva-Maria Olbers

Manager, Partner Success

@ Microsoft Ventures

Yannick Oswald

VC Principal

@ Mangrove Capital Partners

Patrick Rahme

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ All Square

Stephanie Ranninger

Manager, Global Market Intelligence

@ Rigo Trading S.A. (HARIBO)

Charlotte Stix

Programme Assistant, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, European...

Khulan Baterdene

Senior Risk Manager

Rebekka Bellmann

Junior Economist

Philippe Harles


Salvador Lopez-Beneyto

Senior Product Manager

Viktor Mikus

Senior in Transaction Advisory Services

Marin Njavro

Managing Director

Hannah Rana

Thermal Engineer

Victor Steinmetz


Founding Curator

Carolina Parisi


@ AME - Ação Mineira para Educação (Minas Action for Education)

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