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Identity :At the heart of one of the most iconic and dynamic cities in France lies an extremely active hub whose “raison d'être” is to create a local shift toward a more inclusive and sustainable model.To carry out this mission, we benefit from an extraordinary team with multiple skills in fields such as social affairs, energy, action learning, health, digital technology and communications...

The Lyon Approach :Our approach is simple. We call it the “Quick Win Policy”When targeting a local issue. We launch very small actions to tackle it. These actions lead us to a better comprehension of the problem. When these actions are proven useful, we upscale them and create a project.All our activities and projects are realised alongside with local stakeholders.Focus :

Recently, our hub has focused on projects dealing with social inclusion and equity.We are preparing content to encourage students to change the perspective of higher studies.

This project is realised with several local partners : AFEV (Association de la Fondation Étudiante pour la Ville)

The community :Now that we are creating local impact, we are ready to strengthen our links with the community.One of our main project is to host the first French national event in our city. Our goal is to set ground for french inter-hub projects and tackle national issues.Recruitment :Regarding recruitment, our concern is much less of background than willpower and commitment. Before becoming a member, every applicant is challenged for three months with "out-of-confort-zone" missions.Personal development :Our hub is also a platform for personal development. We regularly organise meeting where the group focuses on one's toughest challenges.It is quite an extraordinary experience.Our challenges :

-Integration : Our hub has doubled in size in less than 6 months. Our duty is now to integrate every member and make sure they can reach their full potential within the group.

-Local ecosystem : We need to create stronger partnerships with local stakeholders (Public and Private). Only a strong ecosystemic approach will enable the shift we are looking for.

-Media : We are starting our first media campaign - What a challenging experience !

10 members


Maxime Ngassa

Raphaël Culliford

Amine Aitoumeziane


Xavier Blot

Founding Curator

Laurent Javaudin

Kevin Meurdefroid

Guillaume Rival de Rouville

Bethgnies Soizic

Elodie Arnouk

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