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Lyon Hub

At the heart of one of the most iconic and dynamic cities in France lies an extremely active hub whose  "raison d'être" is to help social and environnemental local projects increase their positive impact. To carry out this mission, we benefit from an extraordinary team with multiple skills in fields such as law, health, digital technology, communications and social affairs.

Recently, our hub has focused on projects dealing with water depollution, I.T environnemental impact, health accessibility and renewable energies.

Our daily mission is to help these projects size up and show an example of how young entrepreneurs may combine success and personal values for the common good.

The Hub is responsible for organizing knowledge sharing events and conferences, communicating with the general public and local stakeholders, encouraging active participation from the community.

28 members


Raphaël Culliford

Olivier Arsene

Manon Bellon

Xavier Blot

Terence Burcelin

Thibault Decousus

Georgine Hapiak

Jalal Eddine Kassou

Mathis Larue

Alexandre Leboucher

Esihle Makitshi

Kevin Meurdefroid


Fayçal Alami

Quentin Arbonnier

Jimmy Brumant

Romain Cambonie

Flavien Chervet


Samuel Eyre

Manon Filali

Meije Nigon

Karima Rouayed

Hubert Saint Olive

Pierre Schefler

Zoé Thivet

Hanna Toraubully

Founding Curator

Laurent Javaudin

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