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Hub Manaus is composed of a group of young people focused on positively impacting society. Our mission is to promote impact solutions with a focus on our values ​​of integrity, commitment, delivery of results, change and doing good. We develop our leadership potential, execute projects focused on the Amazon, and support other impact initiatives in our city.For more information please follow us in our instagram account: @globalshapersmanaus or send us an email in:

23 members


Joined 14 Feb 2022


Suelen Araújo

Joined 9 Jun 2019

Geovana Balbi

Joined 4 Jan 2022

Jullyenne Campelo

Joined 30 Jan 2020

Impact Officer

Maria Cecília Costa Braga da Silva

Joined 19 Nov 2021

Antônio José de Paula Barroso Neto

Joined 16 Nov 2021


Maickson dos Santos Serrão

Joined 14 Jul 2019

Karol Duarte

Joined 5 Jan 2022

Luiz Eduardo

Joined 10 Jun 2019

Guilherme Faleiros

Joined 9 Jun 2019

Geyce Ferreira

Joined 16 Jul 2019


Joined 11 Jan 2022

Vitória Pinheiro Galvão

Joined 30 Jun 2017

Aída Lins

Joined 4 Jan 2022

Maria Nathália Mendonça Silveira

Joined 13 Nov 2021

Founding Curator

Denis B. Minev

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Iara Oliveira

Joined 4 Jan 2022

Dhandara Oliveira Queiroz

Joined 7 Jan 2022

Odenilze Ramos

Joined 9 Jun 2019

Jose ribamar

Joined 4 Jan 2022

Cleber Santos

Joined 3 Mar 2023

Sandro Tavares

Joined 25 Jan 2020

Carlla Vicna

Joined 4 Jan 2022

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