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The Prague Hub is a growing team of dynamic individuals from various fields and backgrounds, such as technology, consulting, arts and culture, finance, academia, think-tanks, media, and NGOs. The Hub's aim is to focus on issues, which receive little attention in the public discourse, yet which are emerging topics for policy-making and societal relations - one such topic is innovation, technology, and its relation to society and policy-making.

14 members


Joseph Petrila

Joined 13 Dec 2020


Daria Kulachek

Joined 2 Mar 2022

Impact Officer

Veronika Klimková

Joined 16 May 2021

Kristin Aldag

Joined 17 Dec 2020

Georgia Hejduková

Joined 17 Feb 2022

Quang Luong

Joined 19 Feb 2022

Eduard Schlesinger

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Jana Soukupová

Joined 26 Jul 2019

Julian Stöckle

Joined 10 Dec 2020

Marek Szeles

Joined 17 May 2021

Dominika Vondrackova

Joined 21 Oct 2019

Anu Bataa

Joined 16 Oct 2022

Tichomir Jenkut

Joined 17 Oct 2022

Julien Oppenheimer-Halimi

Joined 16 Mar 2022

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