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Prague Hub

The Prague Hub is a growing team of dynamic individuals from various fields and backgrounds, such as consulting, finance, academia, think-tank, media and NGOs. The Hub's aim is to focus on issues, which receive little attention in the public discourse, yet which are emerging topics for policy-making and societal relations - one such topic is the inclusion of seniors and the related question of providing elders with decent living conditions.

21 members


Ondrej Nádvorník

Managing Director

Samuel Afadu


Mandya Aziz

Student in International Management/CEMS Programme

Justine Lyris Bacay


Eja Batbold

Client Impact Committee

Jan Hornat

Assistant Professor

@ Charles University

Viktoriia Kim

Procurement Specialist

Amir Novak

Founding Member & COO

@ First Circle

Nikita Poljakov

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Odessa Primus

`Executive Director

Eduard Schlesinger

Account Manager

Johana Sedlackova Vamberska

Co-Founder & CEO

Dominik Stroukal


Vladka Votavova


@ Association for International Affairs (AMO)

Jana Zilkova


Jan Mittner

Founder, CEO

marek moravec


Karolína Najmanová

PhD student

Fabienne Odermatt

Program Manager / Managing Director

Michael Rozsypal


Founding Curator

Jakub Klepal

Executive Director

@ Forum 2000 Foundation

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