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Quito Hub

The Quito Hub is a team of talented young people driven by the motivation to positively impact the community they live in. We believe in the need of disruptive innovation to shape our country through social inclusion and economic integration. The Quito Hub Shapers are a diverse group of 30+ members coming from backgrounds such as: social entrepreneurship, education, technology, law and social sciences, cuisine, economy and many more. More than a network of outstanding individuals, the Quito Hub is a team of friends. We have launched civic engagement campaigns (e.g. Before I die I want to), a 3-day social entrepreneurship incubator (e.g. SPARK! Shapers in Action), a 125K crowdfunding campaign for the victims of the April 16th, 2016 earthquake in Ecuador and a 6-month Latin American Global Shapers speaker series about social innovation and leadership called INSPIRA: Diálogo Global.We have started Shape Talks, a dialogue of local trends, that is done every two months and we are currently working on an entrepreneurship contest for municipal schools to be implemented early 2018. Our next step: become a leading Hub in Latin America and the world.

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36 members


Santiago Alban


@ Municipality of Quito

Daniela Álvarez


Denisse Cabrera Jaramillo

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder & Diplomat

Andrea Costales

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ WARMI Ecuador

Enrique Crespo


Daniel Fernandez Salvador


@ Fernandez Salvador Abogados

Hernando Flores

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Specialist

Nicole Galindo

Citizen Participation for Development Director

Juan Giraldo



Project Development Senior Specialist

Diana Guevara


Jorge Jaramillo

Managing Partner

Eileen Knowles

Country Director

Emilia Ordóñez

CSR Analyst

Carolina Pozo

Executive Director and Founder


Santiago Ribadeneira

Investment Director

Jimena Romero

Urban Innovation Coordinator

David Vasquez

Chief Executive Officer

@ Panal Ecuador

Cristina Zambrano


Pia Bertero

Civil Engineer specialized in Urban Infrastructure Systems

Carlos Cabezas


Juan Sebastian Espin


Antonella Furlato

Environmental Consultant

José Gallardo

Professor Assistant/ Student

Ana C. Hidalgo

Executive Director - Co-founder

Andrés León

Host Fuck up Nigths

Juan Merlo

Coordinator - Innovation Lab

David Montenegro


Michelle Ochoa

Social Media Agent

Maria Cristina Peñaherrera

Social Responsability and Community Management

Juan Sebastian Pérez

Executive chef

Ana Maria Quiros


Joseph Solis

Senior Marketing Strategist

Juan Pablo Torres Rodríguez


Diana Velalcazar

Master in Security and Defense

Founding Curator

Orazio Bellettini

Executive Director

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