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More than a network of outstanding individuals, the Quito Hub is a team of friends.

The Quito Hub is a team of talented young people driven by the motivation to positively impact the community and the world. We believe in the need for disruptive innovation to shape our country through social inclusion and economic integration.

The Quito Hub Shapers are a diverse group coming from backgrounds such as social entrepreneurship, education, business, government, technology, law and social sciences, architecture, economy and many more.

Since 2012, we have launched 21 projects. Currently, we have 4 active projects

  1. Shapers Sin Fronteras (Human Mobility)

  2. Mental Break (Mental Health)

  3. Shaping Masculinity (Gender)

  4. Reciclaje a la Carta (Recycling)

In the past few years, we have launched several civic engagement campaigns through our project "Before I Die I Want to" a 3-day social entrepreneurship incubator.

  • SPARK! Shapers in Action, a 125K crowdfunding campaign for the victims of the April 16th, 2016 earthquake in Ecuador

  • INSPIRA: Diálogo Global. A 6-month Latin American Global Shapers speaker series about social innovation and leadership. 

Nowadays, we are strengthening our internal structure to support and supply all the requirements that our projects need.

Our Internal Structure

  1. Curator and Vice Curator

  2. Impact Officer

  3. Finance Lead

  4. Capacity Building Lead

  5. Communications Lead

Our next step: become a leading Hub in Latin America and the world.

33 members

Francisco Alomia

Joined 11 Aug 2021

Martina Alvarado

Joined 13 Oct 2022

Jose Aucancela

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Flavio Carrera

Joined 26 Aug 2021

Ariel Sarahí Cevallos

Joined 8 Nov 2018

José Andrés Cifuentes

Joined 3 Sep 2021

Sebastian Coba

Joined 24 Feb 2023

Sofia Fernandez

Joined 26 Aug 2021

Hernando Flores

Joined 14 Oct 2016


Karina Gabela

Joined 16 Aug 2021

Carla Gomez Briones

Joined 14 Oct 2016

Nicolás González

Joined 12 Oct 2022

Juan Esteban Guzman Benitez

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Domenica Hidalgo

Joined 29 Aug 2021

Impact Officer

Esteban Lasso

Joined 18 Aug 2021

Kathy León

Joined 12 Aug 2021

Alejandra Marín

Joined 11 Aug 2021

Viviana Narváez

Joined 12 Aug 2021

Jéssica Ñauñay

Joined 13 Aug 2021

Michelle Ochoa

Joined 14 Oct 2016

Liliana Pachacama

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Brandon Peñaherrera

Joined 2 Jul 2020


Patricia Proaño Cuenca

Joined 8 Nov 2018

María José Pulido

Joined 13 Aug 2023

Andrea Izamar Quiñonez Quiñonez

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Fabricio Rodríguez

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Emily Rodríguez Tomaselli

Joined 16 Aug 2021

Alisson Tamayo

Joined 4 Aug 2023

Dámarys Tapia

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Joined 14 Oct 2022

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Ana Villagomez

Joined 12 Aug 2021

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