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Venezuela’s dire situation is an invitation for all young adults to participate in changing these circumstances, looking ahead towards a brighter future. The Global Shapers Caracas Hub is a team of leaders from different sectors (entrepreneurs, nonprofit activists, businessmen, artists, among others) who are devoted towards their communities and carry out projects that have a positive impact on society

15 members


Francisco Gonzalez

Joined 6 Aug 2019

Steering Committee

Simon Pestano

Joined 22 Feb 2017

Impact Officer

Gabriela Saade

Joined 10 May 2018

Gonzalo Aguilera

Joined 10 Oct 2018

Alexandra Delsol

Joined 23 Aug 2019

Pierina García Jurado

Joined 10 Oct 2018

Alvaro Gonzalez

Joined 10 Oct 2018

María Valentina González

Joined 2 Aug 2019

Jose Lasses

Joined 22 Feb 2017

Alejandra Paredes

Joined 4 Oct 2019

Eskeiver Robles

Joined 26 Jul 2019

Carlos Eduardo Vargas

Joined 10 May 2018

Génesis Yánes

Joined 26 Jul 2019

Mariana Zuñiga

Joined 31 Oct 2019

Founding Curator

Alfredo Romero

Joined 22 Sep 2011

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