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The Ottawa Hub is comprised of exceptional young professionals who are emerging and accomplished leaders in the public, private, social and cultural sectors. The Ottawa Hub, the proud co-host of SHAPE North America 2017, is engaged in projects that empower young people in Ottawa to be agents of change, promote peaceful pluralism and foster respect for the dignity of others, and harness the talents of millennials to enrich the Ottawa community. Recent projects and partnerships include Ottawa Peace Talks, Global Dignity Day, the MyCanada150 photo exhibit, and a Tri-Sector Leadership workshop as part of the One Young World summit in Ottawa.

43 members


Rashid Timbilla

Eliza Ali

Rasha Al-Katta

Lina Maria Alvarez Jaramillo

Katie Boothby-Kung

Yi Hsin Cathy Chen

Kara Eusebio

Jillian Gedeon

Stephen Hampton

Mohammad Baies Haqani

Leis-Bruel Haragirimana

Tecla Kalinda

David Lawless

Christine Martel Fleming

Brody McDonald

Adam Moscoe

Lea Maria Moser

Fatima Muneer

Ayah Nayfeh

Fred Ninh

Elizabeth Radtke

Liora Raitblat

Arun Raj

Adi Rao

Tasha Riddell

Christian Patrick Robillard

Midia Shikh Hassan

Jessica Slade

Dominique Souris

Ali Tejpar, MA, JD

Bryan Tomlinson

Ozge Kadriye Tuzumet Yucel

Kathleen Walsh

Kamiliya Akkouche

Hammad Asad

Andrew Blencowe

Yves Dushimimana

Maria Fleming

Heruka Kumararatne

Matika Lauzon

Tarun Sikdar Rahman

Osman Raza

Founding Curator

Scott Gilmore

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