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Tijuana Hub

The Tijuana Hub is comprised of a diverse group of talented, young leaders in our city with multi-faceted experience ranging from entrepreneurship and business to the environment and design. As a city that is far removed from the reach of the country's capital, we know first-hand how important local action is, and how the involvement of local actors is vital in ensuring that the city progresses. As a hub, our work thus far has centered around immigration issues as that has remained a pressing concern in the city, with our most recent project consisting of a dialog session with local experts on the topic of migration. We have also initiated projects to address women equality and the rehabilitation of green spaces as we have identified these to be topics of great importance in the city.

13 members


Adrian Valdes

Environmental Consultant

@ Elica Group

Giovanna Aldrete

General and operations manager

Emma Cruz

Regional Director

@ Angel Ventures Mexico

Laura Lu Zhen

Project Administrator

Madai Mondaca

Asistente de investigación

Daniel Sánchez

Chief Executive Officer


Dario Tovar

Founder Partner

Caitlin Trimble

Virtual Paralegal

@ ARC IP Law

Andrés Zavala

Business Consultant

Mariel Cuervo

Marketing Director

Daniela Andrea Tejeda López

Jr. Graphic Designer / Freelancer

Nitzia Yeilyn Vazquez Garcia

Entrepreneur Selection and Growth Manager Endeavor México

Founding Curator

Miguel Marshall


@ Tijuana Economic Development Corporation

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