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We are the Amsterdam Hub of the Global Shapers Community, the worldwide community for leaders between 18-30 years old of the World Economic Forum. The maximum age to apply is 27 years old! Our mission is to help each other realize our dreams for a better society. We empower and strengthen initiatives that improve our local and global communities by providing them energy, ideas and access. "Each other" are now Amsterdam Shapers, and we want to extend this to Shapers worldwide and anyone in Amsterdam with a great initiative. Our key focus areas are sustainability, social empowerment and applied science. 

We recruit new members every year starting in October, so keep an eye out on our social media channels. Alternatively, indicate your interest below and receive an email when our recruitment cycle starts. The process consists of a recruitment event, a written application and an interview round. Looking forward to working with you! Want to join our hub? Keep an eye on our website for recruitment dates and guidelines Application requests sent outside the recruitment period will not be considered.Contact us with general inquiries at 

31 members


Karima Almoujy

Joined 14 Dec 2020

Simone Boes

Joined 2 Jan 2022

Sofie Boom

Joined 6 Jan 2022

Tania de Sousa Dias

Joined 15 Apr 2019

Phoebe Dodds

Joined 30 Dec 2021

Bastian Drengemann

Joined 22 Nov 2022

Nicholas Ekkel

Joined 21 Nov 2022

Lukas Falcke

Joined 17 Jan 2023

George Galloway

Joined 22 Nov 2022

Sauraj Gambhir

Joined 31 Dec 2021

Impact Officer

Matthijs Germs

Joined 2 Sep 2019

Laura Grootenboer

Joined 3 Jan 2022

Dominik Härtl

Joined 12 Dec 2020

Gijs Hoonhout

Joined 13 Dec 2020

Iram Intiaz

Joined 5 Apr 2018

Tasneem Kakal

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Olya Krestyaninova

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Founding Curator

Katrin Ley

Joined 19 Nov 2012

Gilberto Morishaw

Joined 28 Jan 2019


Erben Oosting

Joined 20 Dec 2020

Angela Maria Parra Peña

Joined 14 Oct 2019

Olga Teodora Popescu

Joined 21 Nov 2022

Louise Pos

Joined 5 Dec 2022

Ana Ramos Barretto

Joined 15 Dec 2019

Gagan Reddy

Joined 10 Feb 2020

Tamara Reinwald

Joined 28 Jun 2020

Julian Sotscheck

Joined 24 Nov 2022

Afonso Sousa

Joined 21 Nov 2022

Che Spraos Romain

Joined 22 Nov 2022

Divya Thakur

Joined 21 Nov 2022

Jessy van der Bogt

Joined 2 Dec 2022

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