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We are the Amsterdam Hub of the Global Shapers Community, the worldwide community for leaders between 20-33 years old of the World Economic Forum. Our mission is to help each other realize our dreams for a better society. We empower and strengthen initiatives that improve our local and global communities by providing them energy, ideas and access. "Each other" are now Amsterdam Shapers, and we want to extend this to Shapers worldwide and anyone in Amsterdam with a great initiative. Our key focus areas are sustainability, social empowerment and applied science. 

We recruit new members every year starting in October, so keep an eye out on our social media channels. Alternatively, indicate your interest below and receive an email when our recruitment cycle starts. The process consists of a recruitment event, a written application and an interview round. Looking forward to working with you!

40 members


Colette Grosscurt

Aline Alonso

Rowinda Appelman

Rahmin Bender

Marilinda Croes

Sanne de Jongh

Marieke Ebbing

Daan Eijwoudt

Sarah Haas

Jagreeti Hazarika

Charlie Holt

Camila Hurtado

Iram Intiaz

Ufuk Kâhya

Tasneem Kakal

Willem Kesteloo

Nupur Ruchika Kohli

Mirwais Momand

Gilberto Morishaw

Lizan Nijkrake

Jeroen Offerijns

Julia Rijssenbeek

Hicham Sabir

Jan Scheele

Selma Seddik

Alexia Solomou

Holly Syrett

Alba Tiley

Victor van Campen

Robin van Dalen

Carrie van der Kroon

Reinier van Lanschot

Sywert van Lienden

Jilt van Schayik

Sytze van Stempvoort

Alphonse Vial

Sid Vollebregt

Nora Neuteboom

Yannick Struijk

Founding Curator

Katrin Ley

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