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Mexico City Hub

The Mexico City Hub is made up of passionate and diverse young leaders committed to shaping our reality by working hard. We have three main missions for our hub. 1. Change the reality of kids through Education and entrepreneurship. 2. Change the reality of Woman to equality and rights protection. 3. Change the reality of unserved citizens through advocacy in Public Policy

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31 members


Stephanie Lewis


@ Cinemanagement

Rafael Alonso

Project Manager

@ New Ventures

Brian Bell

Manager, Entrepreneur and Consulting Services @ Agora Partnerships

Tania Alejandra Benitez Sanchez

Film Producer

Pato Bichara


Claudia Lorena Díaz Martínez

Legal Advisor

María Fernanda Gándara Gil

Adviser, Open Data and Civic Innovation

@ México Abierto

Xicani Godínez López

CEO|Founder|Director |Coach |Conferencísta |Speaker !Journalist !Pe...

Jesus Herrera


@ Water Awareness Foundation

María Antonia Hoyos

Coordinator, Digital Solutions

@ Capital Foundation

Elena Mariscal

Project Manager Latam

Cristina Elena Martinez Pinto


Alejandro Maza

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Nelly Ramirez Moncada


@ American University of Nicaragua

Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez

Founder & ceo

Armando Regil-Velasco

Founder & President

Laura Reyna de la Garza

Candidate: PHD in Public Administration

Ernesto Acosta Martinez


Elizabeth Sophia Auritt

Mobile Apps & Marketplaces Community Leader

Vannessa Blandón Hurtado

Tecnichal Consultant

Camila Andrea Del Villar Mosquera

Industry Analyst and Journalist

Leticia Gasca Serrano


Ana Gomez Gallardo

Regional Manager

Paola González-Rubio Novoa


Juan Carlos Luna

Founder and Director

Ana Maria Moreno

Marketing Manager

Mario Najera


Alexander Santana

Regional Manager

Eduardo Williams


Alexandra J Zapata Hojel

Director of Education and Civic Innovation

Founding Curator

Leo Schlesinger

Chief Executive Officer

@ Aliat Universidades

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