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Mexico City Hub

The Mexico City Hub is made up of passionate and diverse young leaders committed to improving the state of our city. In the past we have developed projects around education and entrepreneurship, women and equality, climate action, unserved citizens through advocacy in public policy, fundraising for disaster relief, citizen engagement, among others.

Key words: Mexico, Latin America, Global Shapers, youth, young leaders, leadership

46 members


Rafael Alonso

General Manager

Rocio Aguiar

Prime Director

Brian Bell

Tania Alejandra Benitez Sanchez, MBA

Vice President of production

Pato Bichara


Vannessa Blandon

MBA Candidate 2018-2020

Elina Castillo Jiménez


Javier Cordero Crespo

MBA at IE Business School

Palmira Cuellar Ramirez

Executive Director and Founder

Camila de la Fuente Sandner

Cartoonist & journalist

Claudia Lorena Díaz Martínez

Legal Advisor

María Fernanda Gándara Gil

Business Development Manager

Laura García Chiquero

Corporate Strategy Analyst

Diego José Gonzalez Medina

Sr. Strategic Data Analyst

Melissa Gonzalez-Soto

Training and Development Coordinator

Laura Guevara


Diana Haro


Marco Adrián Hernández

PhD Candidate

Oriana Yeraly Herrera


Stephanie Lewis


@ Cinemanagement

Elena Mariscal

Project Manager Latam

Cristina Elena Martinez Pinto

AI for Good Lab Coordinator

@ C minds

Alejandro Maza

Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Glenda Michel

Head of the Digital Lab for Public Finance

@ Mexico Government

Pere Molins

Product Owner & Data Analyst

Eric Ortega

Young Leaders Initiative

Yair Israel Piña López

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

@ Aztra Labs

Alejandra Plaza Limón

Americas Business Administrator

@ Siemens AG

Ana Karen Ramirez Tellez

Founder & CEO

Daniel Reyes

Acceleration Manager

Héctor Reyes

Entrepreneur Services

Laura Reyna de la Garza

Senior Manager, Government and Institutional Relations

@ Grow Mobility

Andrea Rioseco Sanjuan

Program manager

Santiago Rosas

Project Manager

Frida Daniela Ruíz


Giovanna Sanchez

Business Development Manager - LATAM

Alexander Santana

General Manager

Juan Urgelles


Jesús Alberto Urrutia Camacho


Eduardo Williams


Nelly Andrade

Head of Global Programs

Elizabeth Sophia Auritt

Mobile Apps & Marketplaces Community Leader

Juan Carlos Luna

Founder and Director

Mario Najera


Alexandra J Zapata Hojel

Director of Education and Civic Innovation

Founding Curator

Leo Schlesinger

Chief Executive Officer

@ Aliat Universidades

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