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Our vision is to make Pune world’s most inclusive and caring city. Our efforts are driven by our mother project, “the Impact Project”, also called as “Community Development Index” (CDI) to achieve a complete cycle of Social Impact measurement. CDI is a citizen satisfaction index that gives us the sense of what citizens feel about the city and identify areas of improvement. Once we identify a strong gap we immediately hit the ground and launch a pilot event. From the learnings and failures of the pilot event hub projects are born and are then grown by engaging Citizens, Corporate, NGO's, ULBs, Research Institutions and Educational Institutes. Projects: “Right to Walk” came out from event "Pedestrian Day" and has now grown across the country, influencing thousands of citizens and motivating them to follow traffic rules and respect Pedestrians. Over 2,000 people are directly engaged. GSC influenced Pune Municipal Corporation specific infrastructure which was identified critical through the project. This involves rebuilding 6 km of footpath and 2 traffic signals - Sustainable Weekends was born when our latest CDI report indicated that citizens of Pune feel that our city needs to be more sustainable. It has already engaged over 200 citizens and brought sustainable behavior change in over 60 citizens so far. - Bal Guru was born from the need of having better quality primary education and a good value system right from childhood. Over 120 kids in a resource ridden government school have participated so far. We curate to teach what school curriculum leave-out, and have received great reviews. Our vision has driven us to touch countless number of lives in past three years. Our hub is now recognized as a significant, accountable and active stakeholder for the development of the city.

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