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The Global Shapers Community Pune Hub comprises of young change makers from different fields working together to imporve the state of their local communities. We are passionate about creating sustained change in our community and do this through various projects that we run. Our projects include:1.Project eSlums : This intervention addresses the last mile access to governance mechanisms for improved lives in the most marginalized communities of the city. This was selected amongst the 50 top projects across the world in the Shaping my City's Future Challenge.2.Project Connect : This is a long term and systemic intervention in partnership with public and private schools . Here we facilitate interaction between students from different socio-economic backgrounds throughout the academic year through fun activities. This project won the Gandhi Change Award 2017 for the Best Hub Project at Shape South Asia '17 in Bhopal.3. CDI : Through this project, we run a community developemnt index in Pune to understand the pulse of the residents and get their inputs on the current state of development in the city.4. Bal Guru : Project Bal Guru aims to teach under served and marginalised school students skills that are not part of their academic curriculum. Our members facilitate sessions on computer literacy, basic finance, environment and more in schools in a slum in Pune.5.Sustainable Weekends: Through this project, our members aim to create awareness about sustainable living in the community. Here, we conduct workshops and information sessions in small communities and in educational institutes.6. Treellionaire : The Pune Hub collaborates with various local stakeholders and organisations to conduct tree plantation drives in different areas of the city.

27 members


Sarang Ganoo

Aafreen Ali

Rajkumar Arora

Anupam Bhoi

Niraj V Borate

Pratik Datey

Shubham Gupta

Devendra Gupta

Apurv Inamdar

Naim Keruwala

Sudarshan Mahajan

Mehak Malhotra

Nilesh Mali

Ajitkumar Mekhale

Satyam Mishra

Suraj More

Ashish Nangare

Rohit Nayak

Pravin Nikam

Aishwarya Phadke

Sanika Shah

Sudhir Shripad Deshpande

Simran Suri

Samana Tejani

Ishani Kotwal

Trishla Talera

Founding Curator

Anshoo Gaur

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