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With a focus on inclusive leadership and driving impact, the Toronto Hub of the Global Shapers provides emerging young leaders with opportunities for personal leadership development while growing a strong network of civic-minded peers across the globe. We convene leaders to help catalyze change on the tough issues & big opportunities facing our city and the world. Together with our partners in Toronto and from the Forum, we encourage Shapers to fully understand the issues that confront people in our region, to actively connect with and contribute to the community, and to influence positive change through meaningful volunteering and launching local projects. 

43 members


Daniela Pico

Sveta Vardanyan

Founding Curator

Jennifer Corriero

Elsa Abi-Khalil

Leah Bae

Prativa Baral

Hassan Bhatti

Brendon Bonnor

Ashley Boyes

Jaiman Chin

Yara Farran

Arjun Gupta

Zach Hamel

Fatima Hirsi

Minyoung Hwang

Sindhu Jawed

Sowmyan Jegatheesan

Sonika Kainth

Jaxson Khan

Umang Khandelwal

Archit Kshetrapal

Anoosha Lalani

Brittany Lee

Nicholas Milum

Nicole Nomsa Moyo

Eugenia Ochoa

Joanne Pitkin

Nader Saif

Sundaresan Sekar Thangam

Maximillian Seunik

Daksh Sikri

Anjum Sultana

Puninda Thind

Vasileios Tsianos

Yusra Uzair

Maria Vassiliou

Jennifer Vlasiu

Ben Wedge

Justin Wiebe

Kaidie Williams

Zachary Habayeb

Ryan MacDonald

Elyse Waslat

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