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Bangalore Hub

The Global Shapers Community, Bangalore is a group of young Bangaloreans from all walks of life, drawn together by our demonstrated commitment to improving the community in which we live. We meet regularly in a close, supportive and trusting environment to: 1. leverage each other’s expertise and networks to amplify our own social impact 2. drive projects to realize our vision of a Bangalore that is proud, engaged and inclusive 3. Collaborate with other Global Shapers around the world on interesting projects, and Have fun!

30 members


Harish Karupakala Govindaraju

Harsh Agarwal

Nihal Ahmed

Fietje Buscha

Parul Chachra

Neeraj Doddamane

Anuj Duggal

Jayant Gauri

Kalyan Gautham

Nithya J Rao

Sanjana K

Rahul Karur

Raghav Khemka

Sahar Mansoor

Alok Medikepura Anil

Prasanth Nori

Ashcharya Ananda Prabhu

Apurva Punde

Raashi Saxena

Parth Sharma

Adhit Shet

Siddhaarth Sudhakaran

Trina Talukdar

Samya Bagchi

Sidharth Malik

Hena Mehta

Viswanath Nittala

Anurag Ramdasan

Monika Shukla

Founding Curator

Sangeeth Varghese

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