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Highly driven young women and men, from different fields such as design, politics, entrepreneurship, law and social innovation, make up the Buenos Aires Hub. We focus on projects that inspire, connect and enable young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We provide training in work-ready skills to young people in vulnerable situations, promote community knowledge and eco-friendly behaviors to tackle climate change, and organize gatherings with leaders to share life and work experiences. We work together with different stakeholders that share our vision to leverage our impact, like the Buenos Aires City Government, local governments from neighboring cities, NGOs, Universities and private companies. If you are a Shaper visiting from abroad, we'll make sure to provide tips so you have a great time in the city -and join you for coffee or beer!

34 members

Andres Abreu

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Vanesa Nahir Acosta

Joined 9 Jun 2019

Julián Aldazabal

Joined 11 Apr 2022


Delfina Arambillet

Joined 6 May 2021

Maria Carolina Bustamante

Joined 6 May 2021

Zaida Caiguara Ramirez

Joined 21 Jul 2021

Facundo Cajén

Joined 4 Mar 2019

Florencia Caro Sachetti

Joined 7 Mar 2019

Nelly Cetera

Joined 6 May 2021


Clementina Colombo

Joined 21 Mar 2020

Agustin D´Elio

Joined 20 Dec 2019

Mariana Fernandez Escobar

Joined 3 Jan 2020

Verónica Gandini Gubinelli

Joined 15 Apr 2022

Greta Gawianski

Joined 20 Mar 2020

Michelle Abril Goyhman

Joined 8 May 2021

Maxroberth Graterol

Joined 12 Apr 2022

Ignacio Grimaldi

Joined 2 May 2022

Facundo Kanonicz

Joined 19 Apr 2022

Micaela Kim

Joined 6 May 2021

Dan Kravetz

Joined 19 Apr 2022

Heidi Lopez

Joined 20 May 2021

Founding Curator

Martin Lousteau

Joined 11 Dec 2012

Victoria Moriones

Joined 28 May 2020

Héctor M. Natera Couso

Joined 20 Mar 2020

Victor Navarro

Joined 20 Dec 2019

Muriel Otero Treacey

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Valentina Papú

Joined 6 May 2021

Magdalena Ponce

Joined 11 Apr 2022

Denise Regatky

Joined 26 Feb 2019

Tatiana Reuil

Joined 6 May 2021

Impact Officer

Eugenio Scafati

Joined 17 May 2020

Guido Sirna

Joined 26 Feb 2019

Ana Paula Valacco

Joined 28 Mar 2018

María Vallejos

Joined 29 Apr 2022

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