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Buenos Aires Hub

Highly driven young women and men, from different fields such as design, politics, entrepreneurship, law and social innovation, make up the Buenos Aires Hub. We focus on projects that inspire, connect and enable young people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. We provide training to social entrepreneurs, give talks in schools for children to seek higher education, organize gatherings with leaders to share life and work experiences. We work together with different stakeholders that share our vision to leverage our impact, like the Buenos Aires City Government, local governments from neighboring cities, NGOs like Ashoka and Enseñá por Argentina, Universities and private companies. If you are a Shaper visiting from abroad, we'll make sure to provide tips so you have a great time in the city -and join you for coffee or beer!

23 members


Andrea Ailin Tomio

Vanesa Nahir Acosta

Franco Amorosi

Sabrina Battilana

OL Jonatan Beun

Facundo Cajén

Florencia Caro Sachetti

Sebastian Chuffer

José Ignacio Santiago Galindo

Lucía Krüsemann

Borja Martel Seward

franco matias ortiz

Martin Palazzo

Denise Regatky

Clara Santamarina

Guido Sirna

Ana Paula Valacco

Martin Volpe

Nicolás Wertheimer

Anahí Wiedenbrüg

Santiago Yelmini

Tomas Rojas

Founding Curator

Martin Lousteau

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