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Copenhagen Hub

The Copenhagen hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young people, committed to shaping the local community. We represent several different backgrounds, incl. technology, consulting, nutrition, politics, fashion, medtech, and media. Our vision is to propel projects with a local impact to create global awareness, and we are doing this by kickstarting projects at our four annual workshops.

32 members


Kelsie Schmit

Emil Bender Lassen

Anemone Birkebæk

Valdemar Satoshi Røjle Christensen

Tinne Amalie Damgaard nissen

Lahiru Elvitigala

Mathias Esmann

Astrid Willum Foltinger

Gishok Govinthasamy

Sofia Hardt

Hannibal Herforth

Line Kolling

Carl Kronika

Jacob Lennheden

Dina Bekkevold Lingås

Rune Øster Mortensen

Chenai Elizabeth Muchena

José Parra Moyano

Jacob Vorsø Pedersen

Christopher Pruijsen

Rabia Raja

Nathan Rietzler

Benjamin Schenkel

Mathias Ahrensburg Stenkilde

Teddy Sun

Jonas Sylvester Kaspersen

Nima Sophia Tisdall

Christina Vega Pedersen

Larissa Versloot

Derya Völlings

Sofie Winge-Petersen

Maja Wisenberger

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