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Curitiba Hub

The Curitiba Hub is a collective of diverse people that already impacts the local community through personal life projects and the transformation of the city over time. We are a group that understands that the city has to transit from the 3rd to the 4th Industrial Revolution, from the profit to the purpose, from the centered or the uncentered distribution to the distributed network, from the competition to the collaboration. We support, engage, promote, curate, transform projects from the field of education, entrepreneur, fabrication, in the scale of the government, institution, or person. But the most important thing is that we are like this today, tomorrow we can be different. We are not afraid of change, we are change.

30 members


Gabrielle Mahamud

Julia Faustina Abad

Adonis Batista Beggi

Lina Bennemann

Ubiratan Bittencourt Assumpção Junior

Marina Pujol Buschmann

Lucas Eduardo Caetano Felippe

Gabriel Chaves Barboza

Caroline Czelusniak Zambão

Lucas Dieter

Amanda Riesemberg Ferreira

Richard Feuerstein

Thaynara Furtado Constantinov Leal

Matheus Cedric Godinho

Fernando Granato

Lais Leao

Weslley Leonardo Garcia

Juliano Monteiro Machado

Sabrina Moreira

Luciana Müller

Augusto Peres Coutinho Netto

Rodrigo Nunes

Fernanda Mayumi Ogasawara

Luiz Hamilton Ribas

Lorraine Silva

Guilherme Tanaka Nunes

Carolina Bianca Teodoro

Lucas Turmena

Kevin Augusto Vieira

Binho Cidral

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