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Guatemala City Hub

Our Hub unites Shapers from diverse backgrounds, such as economics, politics, international development, law, diplomacy, business, performing arts, graphic design, engineering, entrepreneurship, athletes, architects, communication, television, agriculture, fashion, inclusion, medicine, journalism, and psychology.

We focus our projects on effective outputs that take into account a systemic approach for the delivery of a focalized solution to a specific problem. We are generating projects on human/women/girl’s rights, modern day slavery, upskilling and re-skilling for the future of education and work, urban sustainability, environmental protection and democratic citizenship.


23 members

Javier Abascal

Joined 8 Nov 2022

Juan Diego Blas

Joined 25 Jun 2019

Alejandro Calderón

Joined 22 Jun 2019

Mariana Carroll

Joined 8 Nov 2022

Julián Gabriel Castillo Holzheu

Joined 1 Feb 2018

Diego Andrés Fernández-Townson Bickford

Joined 14 Dec 2017

Enrique Galdamez

Joined 1 Mar 2021

Isabella González

Joined 21 Jun 2019

Luis Pedro Hernández Balconi

Joined 10 Nov 2022

Eleni Hernandez Guzman

Joined 10 Jul 2019

Jessica Michelle Lima de León

Joined 29 Aug 2020

Claudia López

Joined 28 Nov 2022

Daniela Mariucci

Joined 10 Nov 2022

Carmen Lucía Mejía Barragán

Joined 29 Aug 2020

Sofia Muñoz

Joined 29 Aug 2020

Maria Paula Muñoz Soler

Joined 1 Jul 2019

Manuel Ovalle

Joined 29 Aug 2020

Santiago Palomo

Joined 12 Aug 2014

Impact Officer

Laysa Palomo Montero

Joined 19 Jan 2018

Daniel Andrés Sierra García

Joined 29 Aug 2020


Sofia Sterkel

Joined 11 Nov 2022

Lucía Urrutia

Joined 14 Oct 2016


Fernanda Zelada Rosal

Joined 24 Jun 2019

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