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Global Shapers Islamabad hub has, over the last 6 years, become a strong community of individuals with varied backgrounds and diverse experiences. We share the common goal of building a better community. You will find lawyers, design thinkers, entrepreneurs, government employees, educationists, philanthropists, and sustainable development experts within the hub. We believe in the strength of working together to do impact projects, including educational support for underprivileged children, trash awareness campaigns, mentorship for youth and meet the leader series.

19 members

Waqar Akhtar

Joined 28 Mar 2020

Adil Ali

Joined 5 Apr 2018

Haider Asfandiyar

Joined 12 May 2014

Neelam Azmat

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Founding Curator

Amir Jahangir

Joined 1 Nov 2012

Sauleha Kamal

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Bakhtawar Khalid

Joined 13 Apr 2020


Arhama Kamran Khan

Joined 21 Aug 2022

Ans Khurram

Joined 29 Mar 2020

Danish Ali Latif

Joined 20 Apr 2020


Maaz Ali Nadeem

Joined 25 Jun 2021

Shehrbano Jamali Niazi

Joined 24 Aug 2022

Maria Qibtiah

Joined 26 Jun 2021

Impact Officer

Waqas Ramzan

Joined 26 Jun 2021

Javeria Rana

Joined 24 Aug 2022

Ayesha Safeer

Joined 12 May 2014

Haris Bin Saqib

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Sundas Shahid

Joined 5 Jan 2019

halimah tariq

Joined 29 Mar 2020

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