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Islamabad Hub

Global Shapers Islamabad hub has over the last 5 years become a strong community of individuals with varied backgrounds and diverse experiences. We share the common goal of building a better community. You will find lawyers, design thinkers, entrepreneurs, government employees, educationists, philanthropists, sustainable development experts within the hub. We believe in the strength of working together to do impact projects including educational support for underprivileged children, trash awareness campaigns, mentorship for youth and meet the leader series.

28 members


Madeeha Raza

Asim Nawaz Abbassi

Tashfeen Ahmed

Adil Ali

Haider Asfandiyar

Anusheh Naveed Ashraf

Neelam Azmat

Mavra Bari

Saad Hamid

Habib Hassan

Muhammad Affan Javed

Makkiya Jawed

Sauleha Kamal

Muhammad Kashif

Maryam Kausar

Sana Khalid

Aleena Khan

Amanullah Khan

Madiha Neelam

Haris Bin Saqib

Hafsah Sarfraz

Sundas Shahid

Mubbashir Sheikh

Humzah Yazdani

Isra Arif Zia

Haroon Ahmed Butt

Ayesha Safeer

Founding Curator

Amir Jahangir

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