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We believe in a world where young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. In the Global Shapers Malmö Hub we are a mix of young entrepreneurs, youth politicians, private sector leaders, and all-around innovators, working together to tackle the challenges our city grapple with.

Most pressing are concerns over youth (dis)engagement in their society, lacking attempts for integration, and a general feeling of disconnect between decision-makers and those most impacted. We are here to bridge that gap, fostering a network of young changemakers to hoping to address local challenges to bring about global change.

23 members


Sara Stan

Joined 4 Feb 2020


Soha Kadhim

Joined 19 Dec 2020

Impact Officer

Rita Lousa

Joined 20 Dec 2020

Christina Abdulahad

Joined 1 Feb 2020

Emma Åkerman

Joined 27 Dec 2020

Junhede Albin

Joined 1 Feb 2020

Diana Barazi

Joined 27 Dec 2020

Christian Boysen

Joined 21 Mar 2020

Julia Breidenstein

Joined 24 Apr 2022

Prajit Datta

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Siavosh Derakhi

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Hugo Dürr

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Fredrik Hermodsson

Joined 6 Jun 2019

Joel Lopez

Joined 20 Dec 2020

Paolo nardi

Joined 18 Dec 2020

Hanna Nortén

Joined 23 Dec 2020

Ifigeniya Stoilova

Joined 23 Apr 2022

Kerime van Opijnen

Joined 8 Dec 2021

Veronika Wilhelmová

Joined 19 Dec 2020

Disa Björklund

Joined 4 Oct 2021

Naime Fossheim

Joined 15 Jul 2019

Mara Glas

Joined 29 Oct 2021

Founding Curator

Leo Wallin

Joined 11 May 2018

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