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We believe in a world where young people and the power of diversity are central to solution-building. As a community of young professionals, we drive dialogue, action, and change in Malmö. We do so by connecting partners to drive local change with global perspective. Our purpose is to shape the future of Malmö and drive transformative social impact by facilitating partnerships & acting as a platform for dialogue.


In the Malmö Hub, we are entrepreneurs, founders, consultants, innovation managers, project managers, sustainability specialists, organisation developers, venture developers, students, teachers, researchers. We strive to be compassionate leaders, ever-curious to listen and learn from others. We are from 10 countries with a shared love for Malmö & Skåne.


We believe in leveraging such diversity to drive positive change for all. Our current & past projects include:

  • Diversity as Capital – Empowering marginalised youth in Malmö to acquire skills & insights to better access & thrive in the future of work (hub original)

  • Rainbow Ally – Sparking conversations & increasing LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace through allyship (hub original)

  • Children's Savings Book – Equipping children with the knowledge to build a more financially secure future for themselves & their families (scaling project)

  • Herizon – Providing real-life inclusive opportunities for women in tech through growth-hacking & job matching (scaling project)

  • Davos Lab Dialogues – Creating a post-Covid recovery plan through local multi-stakeholder dialogue for glocal solutions rooted in community needs (past project)

  • COVID Action in Europe – Combatting Covid-19 misinformation in collaboration with WHO Europe (past project)


26 members


Rita Lousa

Joined 20 Dec 2020


Veronika Wilhelmová

Joined 19 Dec 2020

Impact Officer

Disa Björklund

Joined 4 Oct 2021

Christina Abdulahad

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Emma Åkerman

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Junhede Albin

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Isatou Bah

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Leo Wallin

Joined 11 May 2018

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