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The São Paulo Hub is made up of exceptionally talented and diverse young Brazilians committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better future. While we have a unified mission for our Hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds representing fields such as entrepreneurship, culture, education, sustainable development, public politics, media, smart cities and arts.Currently, our Hub is running three main projects. The first is keynote speakers' agency, which is a platform that connects Global Shapers to companies and events in order to inspire people through their transformative experience. The second is the Shaper School, whose mission is to teach 21st century skills to young people. And finally, a project accelerator, which aims to give support and develop the Global Shapers' own projects. We are now focused on accelerating Reflexões da Liberdade, whose main goal is to bring culture of peace and emotional intelligence to public schools in Sao Paulo, project that is led by an inspiring shaper who is egressed from the prisonal system.

32 members


Miguel da Hora


@ Projetistas Periféricos

Felipe Barreiros

CEO at Vaivoa

Flavia Bellaguarda

Co-Founder & COO

@ Youth Climate Leaders

Lucas Bernar



Deputy Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources

Ana Marina de Castro Costa

Co-Founder and VP/Head of Department

Luiza Emilia Dedecek Gertz

Programme Officer

Douglas Giglioti

Co-Founder and Director

@ Reconectta

Mariana Groke Campanatti Callegaro


Rodrigo Hsu Ngai Leite

CEO and Founder

Augusto Cesar Junior


@ Eureca

Alison Klener

Public Policy Consultant

Roger Koeppl


Eduardo Lyra


Jerson Jose Maldonado Mastrogiuseppe

LATAM Finance Lead Syngenta Professional Solutions

Beatriz Mantelato

Project Manager

Emerson Martins Ferreira

Empreendedor Social

Andresa Medeiros

Translator and Interpreter

Tiago Mitraud


Dorly Neto

Knowledge & Innovation Analyst

Thomas Olivato Teixeira

Success Center Specialist

Gabriela Pascholati do Amaral

Project Assistant

Anderson Pereira

Managing Director

Guilherme Pereira Franco

CEO and teacher

Gustavo Fuga Reis

Founder & Social entrepreneur

Isabela Rodas Messias

Planning and Institutional Relations Coordinator

Guilherme Rosso


Fabiano Salgado

Customer Experience Manager

Vinicius Sousa Santos

Public Management Trainee l Civic Entrepeneur

Lorrana Scarpioni

Chief Executive Officer

@ Bliive

Natalia Torres DAlessandro

Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant

@ WayCarbon

Founding Curator

David Hertz

Founder and President

@ Gastromotiva

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