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Barcelona Hub

The Barcelona Hub is made up of a multidisciplinary team of scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, lawyers and psychologists, among others. Our diversity represents the dynamism and variety of our city, and each one of us contributes with their different skills to the projects and challenges that we tackle. We are born out of the desire to make things happen, and want to channel our energy in creating synergies within a strong community of young actors, determined to maximize the potential of Barcelona as a multicultural and thrilling European city.

27 members


Juan Antonio González García

Nicolas Alcala

Paulina Araujo

María Fernanda Bianco

Alicia Bosch

Andrea Buffa

Jan Carbonell

Juan Pablo Echaniz Rodríguez

d'Hautefeuille Louis

Albert Morro Vall

Kaori Mutsuda Zapater

Maria Oliva Farriol

Alessia Pappalardo

Christopher Payne Salsas

Anna Pellicer

Edgar Pons Forn

Alex Rodriguez Vitello

Jessica Sanchez Garcia

Ana Sanchis

Eduardo Velasco

Ming-ya Wang

Pascal Christian Weinberger

Sasha Khomenko

Manuel Moreno Carral

Guillem Orpinell

Ana Elena Tejera

Founding Curator

Paca Ciller

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