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Rabat Hub

The Rabat hub is made up of exceptionally talented young Moroccans who are committed to Shaping their community in various ways. Every member of the hub brings a breadth of knowledge and expertise that make the collaboration between the members stronger and impactful.

The Rabat hub embraces diversity, by admitting people from different backgrounds and experiences, and by inviting them all to collaborate to improve the state of our community and out world. Our members have backgrounds in Technology, Law, Politics, Science, Business, Well-Being, Social Enterprises, Start-ups, Music, among many others, and all share the passion to serve the others and to catalyse change and growth.

With our partners, we managed to position the hub as a major driver of change in our community, and we aspire to enlarge our base of members, and to extend our impact in our environment.

38 members


Rita Aoufoussi

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Impact Officer

Imad Belmajdoub

Joined 16 Apr 2020

Vice Curator

Mohamed Bouzoubaa

Joined 28 May 2019

Atmane Ait Ihy

Joined 24 Sep 2019

Rida Azzaoui

Joined 17 Apr 2020

Salaheddine Bakor

Joined 26 Sep 2017


Joined 11 May 2019

Yassine Bentaleb

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Sara Boukhris

Joined 7 May 2019

Sarah Chaib

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Mohammed Charif DAOUDI

Joined 17 Jun 2019

Driss Drissi Kaitouni

Joined 6 Aug 2015

Hasnae El ayoubi El idrissi

Joined 7 Feb 2018

Yasmine El Baggari

Joined 13 Oct 2014


Joined 29 Apr 2019

Karim El Hamri

Joined 31 Jan 2018

Kaoutar El Khattabi

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Mohammed Charif El Meskini

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Med Nassim El Qochairi

Joined 7 May 2019

Olajide Ganiu Olakunle

Joined 3 Apr 2020

Haydar Jazouli

Joined 4 Apr 2020

Ghali Jorio

Joined 17 Oct 2018

Mohammed Redouane Khrifi

Joined 30 Jul 2013

Zineb Lahbabi

Joined 6 May 2019

Haytam Laoulabane

Joined 20 Apr 2020


Joined 3 Apr 2020

Lina Meskine

Joined 4 Apr 2020

Zineb Nana

Joined 4 Apr 2020

Rim Raoudi

Joined 29 Jun 2017


Joined 17 Apr 2020

Yassine Serhane

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Soukaina Shaimi

Joined 17 Aug 2017

Najwa Aboufikr

Joined 15 Apr 2020

Rita Alami Drideb

Joined 9 May 2017

Oumel Ghit Guelzim

Joined 3 Apr 2020

Zainab Rmich

Joined 20 Jul 2017

Youssef Tobi

Joined 26 Sep 2018

Founding Curator

Wadia Ait Hamza

Joined 15 Jul 2020

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