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Fortaleza Hub

Fortaleza Hub was created with the objective of mobilizing young people for positive social impact, forming leaderships, empowering local communities and making a difference in our city. Currently, the Hub is made up of people from different backgrounds with complementary skills working together for a better, fairer, egalitarian, and affordable city. We believe in the mobilizing power of young people and we are convinced that Fortaleza Hub will make a difference in our region.

21 members


Mariana de Vasconcelos

Gabriel Vidal Gaspar

Founding Curator

Claudio Ary Brasil

Natalia Cavalcante

Leticia Costa

Gabriel Costa Caldas


Ana Claudia Freire Barreto Lima

Beatriz Guedes

Lívia Oliveira

Rhemanuérick Queirós

Doris Maria Reck Tavares

Antonio Rodrigues

Lucas Salles Gazeta Vieira Fernandes

Gabriela Santana Gonçalves

Gabriel Santos

Patrícia Silva

Chrislane Sousa

Frota Thiago

Mara Raquel Torres

Vittória Ayumi Vasconcelos

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